About Me

Hello! I’m Lana, a stay at home mom to 3 school-aged children. My husband and I bought a fixer-upper, even though we didn’t really know that until we started changing things…a lot of things…

I wasn’t really interested in blogging about the process of taking our basic track home to another level- often times I forget to take before pictures, so this will really help me be a little more organized.

I love building furniture- I have been building things for my own home for 5 years. As a child, I was allowed to use my dads extra tools to be creative- putting nails into a scrap piece of wood was seriously a favorite activity of mine, as well as using a hand drill to make holes in things-sometimes I chose the wrong “thing” to do that on…like the siding of our house? Maybe even the fence? Maybe I even used it to make a hole or 5 in a toy once or twice.

Building furniture really took off for me when I needed a specific size table for our new dining room. We have 18 ft ceilings in there with plenty of space, and traditional store table options were either A) over-priced or B) not big enough unless they were way over-priced. So, problem solved…DIY! We ended up building a 6ft square farmhouse style table, with 2 benches (and 4 chairs we purchased) and it fits 10 people, just like our previous “super fancy not our style” table!

From there, I started making smaller pieces to fill empty spaces and I was hooked. If too long goes by without cutting a piece of wood or painting something, I feel “off”. It’s been a great distraction to keep me busy while my husband works and kids go to school, otherwise I think I would be cleaning all day…no thanks!

I hope you enjoy this blog-please let me know if you have any requests for me to make and document/give tutorials on!

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