DIY – Desk Calendar Turned Wall Calendar

Staying organized with a calendar I can easily see, is something that helps me keep a busy household running smoothly. I write everything on it from sports info, school info, Dr. appointments, dinner with friends, girls night in/out…if it’s in front of me, I am less likely to forget, right? The next step would be to put the same info into my phone calendar, then I’ll really be organized!

A few years ago, I transformed a wall in our kitchen to a command center. There’s a chalkboard for the kids to write on, some pretty decorations, and a calendar right on the middle of it all. I’m often asked where I found such a large calendar…and here’s my little secret…it’s a desk calendar I simply hung on the wall. Crazy right?!

Although before this year, I used a plain white desk calendar I would buy at Staples, I was happily surprised to stumble upon a much more decorative one this year at Walmart! I really like that each month is a new fun pattern with a positive little saying off to the side.

This is probably the easiest/least expensive DIY I’ll ever post! Here’s what you need to take ordinary calendar to extraordinary calendar (I mean it’s just a calendar, but pretty things make people happy!)

  1. Desk calendar
  2. A piece of lattice/wood trim of your choice, slightly longer than the calendar
  3. Twine
  4. Hot glue gun
  5. Staple gun
  6. Picture hook
  7. Hammer

Since I was simply replacing the calendar for a new year, I already had the lattice and twine ready- it’s slightly longer than the calendar, stained and the ends are wrapped with twine/string (hot glued in place on the back of the wood) and a little extra to allow the calendar to hang (if desired).

Find the correct alignment you’d like, and flip the calendar over while holding the wood piece in place, it’s very light so it’s easy to keep it lined up during the flip.

Begin to attach the calendar to the lattice/trim with the staple gun. I put 3 staples in- one left, one right, and one just off center, to allow for the picture hook to be hammered into place in the center.

Time to hang up! As you can see below, I have the option to either use the extra string to hang the calendar from (it’s actually hung from the hanger, and the string is not holding the calendar, it just “looks” like it’s hanging from the string) or I can tuck the string behind the calendar and just use the hook. I chose this way only becaause I hung a new picture that the string runs behind and that bugged me.

There you have your 10 minute DIY Wall Calendar! Enjoy!

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