DIY – Pipe Shelving

I’ve been busy the last few days working on some new pipe shelving. Our home is leaning towards the rustic – industrial – farmhouse style, and the floating shelves that were in this space were not satisfying me any longer.

Recently, each time I looked at a set of shelves I built 3ish years ago, I was put off a little. I no longer liked them. At all.

Maybe it was because they were one of my first DIY projects in our new home. Maybe it was because they where my first attempt at floating shelves. Maybe the color, maybe the size. Whatever it was, I cringed each time I rounded the corner into the kitchen. They had to go.


See what I mean? Big bukly black shelves, be gone!

I knew I wanted to bring a little more rustic/industrial feel to this space, and after ordering 4 new bar stools (found HERE on Amazon), I knew exactly what type of shelves I would add. Pipe shelves!

Our master bath is being remodeled, something remaining the same will be the pipe shelving I put up during phase one of the remodel. So how perfect to kind of tie in this style in another part of the house, right?


So, on with the reason for this DIY blog post! Ready?

After doing some searching online at different styles, I kind of put together a mix of a few I saw based on size and end result. I needed something large, we have high ceilings throughout our house, and the fixtures seem to be over-sized in general. For instance, the island/bar that the shelves are hanging above (it’s connected to the wall, so it’s more of a peninsula I guess) is nearly 3 1/2 ft x 8 1/2 ft with 9ft ceiling. I usually have to adjust plans accordingly, as anyone would really!


Here is the step by step!

*note* I purchased the flange set on Amazon, and the rest of the piping supplies at Home Depot, they had better prices on everything except the flanges*

Materials: (affiliate links are highlighted)

  • 1- 1x10x10 pine common board
  • 4- gas pipe flange (3/4″)
  • 6- coupling (3/4″)
  • 4- elbows (3/4″)
  • 4- 10″ gas pipe (3/4″)
  • 8- 4″ gas pipe (3/4″)
  • sanding tools
  • wood stain
  • screws (I used 1 1/2″ drywall screws)
  • drywall anchors
  •  measuring tape
  • level
  •  stud finder
  • drill
  • 3/4″ hole saw or paddle bit

The shelves would fit nicely in the designated space being 32″ wide, so I cut 3 boards at that length, knowing they would just slightly be wider than the flange on the wall.


I sanded the edges after cutting, using this sanding tool

as well as a quick full surface sanding using an orbital sander.


Based on where the studs were located in the wall, I needed to drill a hole through the board approximately 2″ in to get the positioning correct. I used a speed square to do that, but a measuring tape works just fine too!


So the center is marked, as well as the distance in from the edge, on all 3 boards. It’s now time to drill the holes. I started with a 3/4″ paddle bit, but realized that a hole saw would be a little quicker! Drill each hole and then clean it up a bit with a sanding block/paper. My husband walked in, left, and returned with the cutest little Dremel to use, so smoothing out that hole was super fast! Thanks for the new tool, babe, you won’t get that one back on your side of the garage!




This is a pretty fast project, aside from the decorating at the end.

I decided to assemble all the pipes and shelves before staining just to see how it looked…heres the line-up:

flange – 4″ pipe – elbow – 4″ pipe – shelf – coupling – 10″ pipe – shelf – coupling – 10″ pipe – shelf – coupling – 4″ pipe – elbow – 4″ pipe – flange


I then decided to not take it all apart to stain the boards and remove the super annoying stickers/tape on the pipes, after all, I was making record timing and didn’t want to start going backwards!


This is where my fanciness comes into play. Get some rubber gloves (because stain on your hands is hard to get off), and then get one of your kids’ single socks and put that over your 4 fingers. I used Minwax Jacobean stain because that’s my favorite. Dip and rub, and repeat. I stained every side of each shelf.

After the stain dries, it’s time to mount to the wall. I measured up the wall, and in from the counter according to the desired placement. I needed about 4 more hands for this so I let the kids climb onto the counter and help mark the spots the screws would be placed.

Yes, that’s a pencil line right on wall. I needed to do touch up painting from the removal of the last shelves so I just went to town with the markings knowing they would get covered up.


Set the shelving unit down and insert any needed drywall anchors, then line everything back up and attach to the wall using the screws. I used drywall screws because they matched the hardware.


Here is a closeup of the chairs I bought off Amazon. They are called rustic copper, yet they match the dark gas pipes perfectly. The seats are stained a color similar to Jacobean so it all matches great in my opinion.


Styling the shelves was the hardest part. I shopped from other rooms in the house and came up with a simple little collection of things. I really am a fan of metal, wood, and white.



Thanks for reading!

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3 thoughts on “DIY – Pipe Shelving

  1. Great tutorial. Thank you for sharing it. You did an excellent job with your photos and directions. I will be sharing it at DIY Projects of Facebook group (hope you don’t mind.) The DIY enthusiasts on that page could benefit from more tutorials like this if you are willing to share. Your pipe shelving is stunning and definitely the kind of project people will want try out for themselves.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for your encouragement! I’m glad you enjoyed the tutorial, and I dont mind a link to the project being shared! I will be adding more tutorials soon!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I look forward to seeing what you share. I publish tutorials too so I appreciate how much effort you put into your posts. You also have actual skills and knowledge, which is very helpful for someone like me trying to learn new crafts each week.

        Liked by 1 person

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